Thursday, October 2, 2008


Halloween is coming and I am very excited. I will try and get a good and scarey costume. I want to scare people this year. When Mom picked me up today I felt really bad. My throat hurt when ever I drank some water. I didn't even feel like going to my scrimmage softball game. But now I feel better. I ate three dishes of ice cream. That made my throat feel better. I am looking forward to going to my sister's football game tomorrow. She is in the color guard. I like going to games to watch her twirl her flag. She looks very pretty. I am very excited to watch her. Go Deer!!!


Lisa said...

Hi, Genna! I think it's awesome you have your own blog! I'll send the link to Drew so he can read it, too! We miss you -- please come visit soon. We have a new house now, you know!

Anonymous said...

Hey Genna! I'm glad you joined the world of I can keep up with you a little better! :-) Love the pictures on your first post! :-)